SailaWave New Feature: Multi-WAN for an Enhanced Connectivity Integrating Satellite Services

In today's modern landscape, businesses in mobile, maritime, and remote environments face significant challenges in obtaining reliable, fast, and cost-effective internet service. They often have to make substantial compromises, affecting their operations and customer experience. Now, SailaWave has developed a new user-friendly hardware and software solutions to address these challenges.


Our new solutions provide uninterrupted connectivity in various scenarios, including point-of-sale systems, remote office locations, mobile broadcasters, emergency response units, and global sailing vessels. Here's how our solution works: Dual WAN forms a network, with WAN1 connected to SailaDome/SailaLite and WAN2 connected to a satellite solution provider. The WAN outlet is automatically switched to ensure a double guarantee of data throughput rate and connection. By integrating 5G router and Satellite solutions, we offer businesses access to cost-efficient, fast, and reliable internet bandwidth on a global scale.


In a groundbreaking achievement for the cruise industry, SailaWave deployed its multi-WAN router solution on a large cruise ship, integrating it with the existing satellite system. This implementation significantly enhanced the reliability and speed of internet connections on the ship while concurrently reducing operational costs compared to previous alternatives.


By combining the capabilities of multi-WAN, multi SIM card, and high-performance antenna technology, SailaWave successfully delivered seamless internet connectivity to passengers. This accomplishment not only resolves complex customer connectivity issues but also expands the accessibility of high-speed internet for businesses and mobile users worldwide.


Overall, SailaWave remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing the formidable challenges that confront businesses operating in mobile, maritime, and remote settings. Through the provision of state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, we empower businesses with reliable, swift, and cost-effective internet connectivity. Our global network of 5G router and satellite solution providers is dedicated to extending access to high-speed internet, enabling businesses to overcome the limitations imposed by traditional connectivity options.



About SailaWave

SailaWave is a leading provider of innovative marine connectivity solutions, dedicated to delivering seamless communication and power solutions for maritime environments. With a commitment to excellence and customer-centric innovation, SailaWave continues to redefine the possibilities of marine connectivity.

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