In which countries or regions does SailaWave work?

SailaWave products work globally and support all general frequency bands used by mobile operators all over the world.  

Can I  install the products by myself?


Both the base and installation guide are included in the packaging for DIY.  

Can SailaWave work with my existing Wi-Fi router on yacht?


Just simply plug in an ethernet cable from the WAN port of your Wi-Fi router to the data port of SailaDome/SailaLite POE injector, or the LAN port of SailaJoint.  

How many users can connect to SailaWave at one time?

Each SailaJoint or SailaPoint can support 30 devices. With a set of mesh-WiFi consisting of 1 SailaJoint and 3 SailPoint, a total of 120 user devices can be connected. 

Do I need to select the working SIM card manually?


SailaWave automatically switches from one to another SIM card if the existing SIM card network signal is weak.  

What is the benefit of dual modem of SailaDome?

The 2 modems can work in load-sharing mode to double the internet bandwidth as well as in active-standby mode to ensure a stable internet connection. 

How to power SailaDome / SailaLite / SailaJoint?

For easy installation, SailaDome/SailaLite adopt PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply mode. SailaJoint supports PoE output with power supply of DC 9~36V, so SailaDome/SailaLite can be powered by SailaJoint via PoE.  

However, if you have a PoE adapter which supports 802.3bt (PoE++, max output power >30W), it could power on SailaDome/SailaLite directly. 

How to know SailaDome/SailaLite working status?

There are 4 LED indicators on SailaDome/SailaLite, showing power, SIM card, 4G/5G status.  

Please note that when you power on SailaDome/SailaLite, it takes about 3 mins to startup system and complete mobile network searching.  

Why cannot the device connect 5G but only 4G?

The devices would select 5G/4G network automatically, same as your 5G mobile phone. When it only connects to 4G, most likely because the operator’s signal coverage is only 4G there. 

Why cannot the device connect to the mobile network?

Most of time, the device can connect to mobile network automatically. If the device fails to connect to the mobile network, and you make sure the location is covered by network signal and your SIM card can work normally. In this case, please check the APN setting of SailaDome/SailaLite, you can try to change APN setting to “manual” mode from auto mode, then manually input APN data. 

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