Cutting edge technology

SailaWave is an infusion of different proprietary technologies for the purpose of bringing the maritime industry the most powerful 4G/5G internet connectivity solution.



SailaDome, SailaJoint, and SailaPoint work together seamlessly. Without a doubt, they provide reliable, ultra-fast, and easy configurable 4G/5G internet coverage.


SailaDome continuously monitors the signal strength received by each antenna panel. Subsequently, it would switch to the best-performing antenna whenever needed.


To point out, the antenna switching capability is entirely seamless and automatic. Powered by BeamSteer algorithm, we ensure no connectivity interruptions during the process.


Ultimately, we would like to receive the best mobile signal anytime, anywhere at sea. In order to achieve that, we creatively infused OmniRay technology into the proprietary design. By doing this, we can upgrade the carrier-grade tri-sector antenna panels inside SailaDome enormously.


Specifically, SailaWave can form a circular waveform with a 12dBi antenna gain in 360 degrees. In this case, we guarantee reliable long-range radio coverage of up to 40km from the coast facing any direction.


SailaDome is not only powered by LinkFusion technology but also embedded with dual 5G modems. Therefore, it offers up to 2 times 5G link throughput. On top of that, we guarantee the best customer experience, featuring low latency, uninterrupted data transfer, and higher reliability.


Each modem uses different SIM cards to transmit data packets via different TCP sessions. Furthermore, each TCP session uses the same SIM card and modem, preventing changes in IP address. As a result, our design allows aggregating the throughput of 2 modems/ SIM cards. With 2 modems/ SIM cards working in load sharing mode and as a backup, we ensure more reliable 4G/5G internet connectivity.


*Remark: you cannot test the total throughput of SailaDome by Speed test as it uses 1 TCP session and gets the throughput result of 1 SIM card only.


In light of the adoption of the proprietary TransWave technology, we achieved a major breakthrough in the compact design of SailaDome. SailaDome is structured with three antenna panels supporting the full wireless spectrum of 5G/4G/3G/2G networks across high, mid, and low-bands.


Traditional Antenna

Traditionally, putting high, mid, and low-bands antennas together enables high and constant antenna gain. However, the product size increases significantly.


Our Product

Thanks to our advanced TransWave technology, the size of SailaDome is greatly minimized with the high-band antenna placed right behind the low-band antenna. At the same time, higher gain, radiation efficiency, and stability are maintained.

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